I'm Sally Lancaster, a self-taught artist with a lifelong passion for creating art. My journey as an artist began at a young age, fuelled by a deep appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of the world around me. Although I initially pursued a career working in offices, my love for art never waned.

My Artistic Journey

For many years, I worked in various office roles, but I always felt a strong pull towards my creative side. It wasn't until I realised the potential of my artistic skills that I decided to make a change. I started by doing commissioned pet portraits, capturing the unique personalities and expressions of beloved pets for their owners. The joy and satisfaction I found in these projects were undeniable, and my art career expanded from there.

Over the past 20 years, I have grown and evolved as an artist, continually pushing the boundaries of my craft. My work now encompasses a wide range of subjects, including realistic fine art oil paintings of landscapes, flowers, and figurative pieces, as well as detailed charcoal drawings.

My Work

My art is characterised by meticulous detail and a strong commitment to realism. Whether it's the serene beauty of a landscape, the delicate intricacies of a flower, or the dynamic movement of a figure, I strive to capture the essence of my subjects in every piece. Each painting and drawing is a labour of love, crafted with care and precision to evoke emotions and tell a story.

The Creative Process

As a self-taught artist, my creative process is deeply personal and intuitive. I draw inspiration from nature, life experiences, and the world around me. Each piece begins with an idea or a vision, which I then bring to life through careful planning, layering of colours, and attention to detail. The result is a work of art that not only reflects my vision but also resonates with those who view it.


In addition to my original artworks, I offer commissioned pieces that allow you to bring your personal vision to life. Whether it’s a cherished pet, a favourite landscape, or a special moment captured in time, I work closely with my clients to create custom pieces that are both meaningful and unique. You can learn more about the commissioning process on the Commission Page.

My Inspiration

Nature, with its endless beauty and diversity, is a constant source of inspiration for me. I am also inspired by the connections people have with their pets and the joy that art can bring into their lives. My goal is to create art that not only beautifies spaces but also brings a sense of peace and happiness to those who own it.

Quality and Craftsmanship

I am dedicated to creating high-quality, enduring pieces of art. I use only the finest materials to ensure that each painting and drawing stands the test of time. My oil paintings are crafted with premium paints and canvases, while my charcoal drawings are rendered on high-quality paper. 

Let's Connect

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn about my work. I invite you to explore and discover the pieces that speak to you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a commission, please feel free to Contact Me. I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for art with you.

Warm regards,

Sally Lancaster